Top 5 CA Classes in Pune with Best Results | CPT, IPCC, CA Final Classes in Pune

CA Examinations are a tough nut to crack, and considering the less amount of guidance available who have successfully cracked the examination choosing the Best CA Class becomes even more important. All the Relevant Syllabus, Study Material, Previous Question papers need to be solved to understand the concepts completely. Hence, we bring you the Best CA Coaching Classes in Pune with a proven track record.

Top 5 Best CA Classes in Pune | CPT Classes , IPCC Classes in Pune

Note – Instead of going full to a single academy , we highly recommend you to go subject by subject. However, the recent tie-up between Zaware Academy & Excellent Academy is very ideal incase if you don’t want to go to different classes for different subjects.

1. Zaware’s Academy –

Zaware's Professional Academy
Zaware’s Professional Academy

Zaware is one of the oldest and the Best Commerce coaching class in Pune. It is particularly well-known for its CA Coaching too.

We recommend learning the following Subjects from Zaware for your examinations –

  • Law, Ethics & Communication
  • Financial Management
  • Indirect Taxation
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Locations : Prestige Point (Bajirao Road), Pimpri Chinchwad, Camp

2. Joshi’s Accounting Academy –

Joshi's Accounting Academy
Joshi’s Accounting Academy

When it comes to Accounting and Advanced Accounts, no one else in Pune can match the quality standards set forth by Joshi Ma’am .

Joshi’s Accounting Academy is a must if you intend to have thorough knowledge of the following papers –

  • Accounts
  • Advanced Accounts
  • Costing

For Other subjects , the class is average. Except for Law, Ethics & Communication which has a good faculty.

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Location : Prestige Point

3. Excellent Professional Academy – 

Excellent Professional Academy
Excellent Professional Academy

Excellent Professional Academy is a tie-up between Zaware and Shah. hence, the subjects which Zaware is good at are taught by Zaware and other subjects by Excellent Academy’s faculty.

Especially the Subjects mentioned below have quality faculty, and well made notes at Excellent (Other than Zaware) –

  • Direct Taxation
  • Indirect Taxation
  • Income Tax & Taxation

Location : Prestige Point

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4. Swapnil Patni’s Classes (SPC)

Swapnil Patil's Classes
Swapnil Patni’s Classes

Swapnil Patni has single-handedly brought technology into the coaching scenario. A fact that is backed by Over 1 Lakh+ Subscribers on Youtube channel of Swapnil Patni.

However, not all Subjects are taught equally good at Swapnil Patni, we recommend you to enrol for Swapnil Patni’s for the following subjects –

  • Infotech & Strategic Management
  • FM
  • Audit

Location : Shukrawar Peth

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5. Expert Professional Academy – 

Expert Professional Academy Pune
Expert Professional Academy Pune

Expert Professional Academy is yet another Good Coaching Class for CA exam in Pune. Incase, if you are having some problems in maintaining schedule for the above subjects & balance them, you should go for Expert.

We recommend Expert Academy for the following subjects –

  • Audit
  • IT & SM (Infotech & Strategic Management)
  • Law, Ethics & Communication
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