Top 5 German Classes in Pune to learn German Language

The Knowledge of German language is essential to apply for German Universities, or to get a job in Germany. Since, most of the universities in Germany are funded ones there are no tuition fees in Germany. However, since the courses may be taught in English or in German it is necessary to have a good understanding of German language. Following are the Best German language classes in Pune to study German language.

Top 5 German Classes in Pune to learn German Language – 

1. Goethe Institut – Max Mueller Bhavan

Goethe Institut Pune | Max Mueller Bhavan Pune
Goethe Institut Pune

Goethe Institut as the name suggests is a German origin institute which has German language courses across the globe.

Since, the Class is a well known brand across the globe, the Course content, structure, notes are very precise to gain a thorough knowledge of the German language.

Besides, this the Classes also allow you to specify the type or speed of learning viz – Intensive, Super Intensive etc so that you are able to gain a complete command over the language.

Click here for more informations on Courses and Programs at Goethe Pune

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2. SIFIL – Symbiosis Institute of Foreign and Indian Languages


Symbiosis Institute of Foreign & Indian Languages – SIFIL , is another good Institute in Pune which has a dedicated German Language cell.

Since, the german language cell and course is designed under the Symbiosis University , you will get a proper Certification cum degree on successful completion of the course at Symbiosis.

Besides, Symbiosis being a recognised brand across the Globe, the CV would look much stronger too.

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3. Dilip Oaks Academy 

Dilip Oaks Academy
Dilip Oaks Academy

Dilip Oaks Academy is a well known name in Pune, when it comes to GRE , IELTS Coaching.

However, very few people know that it provides a German Language Coaching too.

The Only drawback of the coaching is that it provides batches or coaching only till Level A1, A2, and B1. The Other levels are however absent, we recommend you to go for Goethe for other level clearing.

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Location : Model Colony, Bajirao Road,  FC Road

4. ASAP German

ASAP German Classes
ASAP German Classes

ASAP German Language institute is a new German Language Institute in Pune, which is fast growing up with impressive results.

It also has Corporate training along with individual training for the individuals. The results of the classes are impressive and the Individual attention given to each person is something we highly appreciate.

Locations : Chinchwad, Deccan

5. Department of Foreign Languages – University of Pune

Department of Foreign Languages
Department of Foreign Languages

The Department of Foreign Languages, at our own SPPU (University of Pune), is one you can opt for incase if you want to get a University approved Degree certificate for the German Language.

However, since the work is University related, very less information is available on their website. We highly recommend you to visit or call the university for further information and Yearly batch schedule.

Thus, these are the Best German Language classes in Pune. Incase, if you have any doubts or queries feel free to comment.

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